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My name is Peter-John Courson.

I am a follower of The Way.

I am the husband of Amanda.

I am the father of two redhead girls, Bailey and Sadie.

I am the son of Jon Courson, pastor of Applegate Fellowship.

I am a teaching pastor at Capo Beach Calvary.

I own a British Bulldog.

I drive a Volkswagen Vanagon.

I speak fluent Bislama.

I read lots of books.

I wear Lucky Brand Jeans.

I view Jesus as a Savior and Theologian.

I view Faith as a Journey.

I view Christianity as a Way of Life.

I view the Bible as More than Literal.

I view Salvation for where one is at right now.

I view the Church as a Living Organism.

My favorite activity is studying the Bible.

My favorite hobby is reading the newspaper.

My favorite restaurant is 7-11.

My favorite song is "One".

My favorite book is "A Generous Orthodoxy".

My favorite commentary is "Application Commentary by Jon Courson".